6-croppedAre you putting together a business conference or event and want to give your attendees access to an Internet marketing veteran who is also a public speaker? If so, the CEO of Ace Local SEO, Lee Wilson is one of the most experienced Internet marketers in the world. He has spoken to live crowds of thousands, TV and radio audiences, has lectured at major universities, and is a best-selling author. Lee started doing SEO and internet marketing in 1996, which was before Google even existed! He can make your audience laugh while educating them on how to bring more traffic to their websites to fatten their bottom line!

As a public speaker on SEO and Internet marketing, Lee has a gift for taking a complex topic and simplifying it for people who are not IT or Internet marketing experts. He walks an audience through easy techniques they can use to increase their search-engine rankings and website traffic without having to hire a third party.

Lee has consulted with presidential campaigns, television series, Grammy-winning film production companies, NFL teams, publishers, nonprofits, top 40 bands, best-selling authors, film production companies, and others.

For more information on booking Lee to speak at your business conference, email publicspeaking [at symbol] acelocalseo.com or use the contact form to the right.